Consultant Showcase

At Perri Solutions, we love putting teams of experts together to serve our clients needs.  While we partner with independent consultants, major consulting houses, or firms like our friends at Garton Group, (Garton Consulting Group) we wanted to showcase the diversity of our expertise by highlighting some of our professionals below.


Kristin F. Perri | Principal 

Chief Operating & Marketing Officer

Kristin F Perri

Kristin is a co-owner and Principal for Perri Solutions LLC.  She is an exceptional marketing and business management strategist currently serving as our Chief Operating and Marketing Officer. Having worked across industries, from auto/home insurance to healthcare, she is a brand management, fundraising and marketing expert.

She has worked for both small businesses and Fortune 500 organizations. Her creativity, ability to juggle multiple deadlines and complex client needs together with her design expertise, and brand/campaign management have supported clients across industry, culture, and geography.

Kristin’s passion for serving others is one of her greatest strengths. Her management style has also demonstrated high client and team member satisfaction (Net Promoter Score). Her knack for comprehensive research has produced detailed market analyses used for internal program improvements and external campaigns.

In her free time, Kristin also volunteers with the American Cancer Society and various Non-Profit Organizations. She is a native of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.




Sean Halberg, PMP | SSGB | MCP, IT Project Manager

Sean Halberg - IT Project Manager

Sean is a well-respected and resourceful Leader, Project Manager and Operations professional, offering 20 years of extensive experience in directing production teams, technical personnel, and line management staffs in exceeding organizational goals and objectives. He is an IT Infrastructure, Data Centers and IT Service Management expert, responsible for new data/voice infrastructure, server installs/moves, software implementation/migration and the implementation of Enterprise level Anti-Virus/Data Recovery systems.

Sean is a natural leader and communicator who brings enthusiasm that motivates his teams while also possessing the exceptional ability to take any task and define, organize, plan and implement it through to completion. He is accomplished in managing complex, multi-environment, multi-organizational projects successfully.

Sean is also a decorated Veteran, who served as a primary project manager in operations for a 1200 man unit. He further served as a Military Advisor setting up the Engineering School for the Iraqi army.


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Roderick Hunt, Intern  | Marketing Specialist | Research Analyst

Roderick Hunt - Marketing Specialist

Roderick serves as an Intern at Perri Solutions, LLC., where he has, over a few short months improved the company’s overall web and media presence through research, evaluation, and content management and execution. He created a targeted blog outreach campaign designed to address concerns and the impact of long-term effects of bullying in our culture.  Additionally, he has supported research and development projects for various clients in support of project teams.

A Texan, born and raised, Roderick is currently finishing up his final semester at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN, where he has spent the past four years working for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, minor in Spanish and has received academic honors nearly every semester along the way.

As an English Major, Roderick has developed a strong understanding of, and appreciation for the human condition. This has kindled within him a fiery passion to learn more about all of the underprivileged populations, and a calling to support them in their fight to receive basic human rights.


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Jerry Benson  | Project Manager | Healthcare Consultant


Jerry is an impassioned Business Healthcare Management Professional who combines 15 years of business management experience with his MHA education to serve special populations in healthcare. Jerry is business and finance expert whose critical thinking skills and strong communication style inform his approach to project management, focus on operational efficiencies, and leadership.

Jerry is a resourceful Operations Analyst whose ability to evaluate processes, identify opportunities and gaps, and implement time saving solutions have helped organizations achieve quarterly goals repeatedly. He is highly experienced in management, training, development and execution, team oversight; initiating and coordinating interdisciplinary projects; and conducting root cause analyses.

In addition to his management and leadership expertise, Jerry seamlessly integrates business acumen with a focus on the underserved.  HIs ability to introduce solutions that improve quality and operational excellence has made him a client favorite.



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