Healthcare In The 21st Century

With the advent of health reform, the industry of health care is changing rapidly. New technologies are introduced every day and systems of care are being transformed. States are looking for solutions to Medicaid and Medicare budget crises. Companies are seeking alternatives. Individuals want to make sure if they get sick, they can get the help they need… and healthcare providers are trying to stay afloat despite increasing cost and quality pressures. Regardless of which stakeholder group you may be, Angela Perri has a solution for you. From process design to new product development or execution expertise, your goal of greater growth, reduced costs and happier members or constituents can be realized.


Socially and Environmentally Conscious Cultures

What would your staff say about you and your organization? If asked to describe what they do for a living, would your team all echo the same goals and objectives? Do you all support the same values? These are all questions about the culture of your company. In today’s competitive marketplace, are you attracting and retaining the best talent because they love where they work and what they do?  Your message matters.

Does your organization also believe in and support community responsibility and overall sustainability?

Our services are designed specifically to help you define or refine who you are, increase your marketability, highlight new programs, and establish your Presence. We will also work with you on leadership communication techniques to motivate your teams using specialized analytical tools and trainings. We can help.


Service First Standard

Regardless of industry or specialty, a caring, service-first standard for staff interactions as well as client focus is essential for sustained success. Have you created an environment where SERVING others is a top priority? Understanding the need to be of service to one another as co-workers, leaders, and especially to an organization’s partners or clients is one of the fundamental pillars for growth and client retention.

Attitude really IS everything. It breeds excellence.


Improve And Innovate

Every process, every product or program, every organization or individual has the capacity for improvement. Our specialty is turning that capacity into motivation. To build or create something new or different or better. Most people and nearly all organizations are inherently dissatisfied with the status quo which drives us all to TRY something else. To effectively capture that creativity and make it productive, you need a plan and effective leadership. Is your team prepared to grow through change?

Marketing.  Brand Presence.  Improvement.  Training…and more.  We are here to serve you.

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