Testimonials for Perri Solutions

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Perri Solutions team on a number of occasions. They are results oriented executives that have the unique capability to formulate a strategic vision, muster a high performing team, and execute flawlessly. They are innovative industry leaders able to simultaneously envision the big picture and manage the details. Their passion and commitment to transform businesses and better serve constituents is unparalleled. Without hesitation I recommend them.”
– Client Executive
“Angela is an outstanding leader and has strong skills in growth management and strategic vision. I learned a great deal from her regarding business development, creating follow-up conversations and growth management overall. Angela is deeply invested in every project she is part of regardless of scope, scale, or stage of development. She excels at creating a strategic vision and helping a team see where they want to go, and creating a realistic plan to get there. Angela is a great resource to have and has a knowledge, skill set and background that makes her an amazing asset.”
– Edward O’Neill, Director of Program Development and University Instructor, Cenpatico
“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Angela for several years in the Managed Behavioral Health sector. She combines an eye for actionable business opportunities that result in better care for consumers, with a ‘can do’ project leadership approach to realize excellent results. I recommend you seriously consider her for your initiatives.”
– Henry Perretta, Advisory Board at Acero Health Technologies, Inc.

“I always enjoyed the opportunities I had to work with Angela because she is a combination of confidence and humility. She does her job exceptionally well, but she doesn’t lose her sense of humor or pretend that she is perfect. She is always open to learning new things and sharing her knowledge, and she doesn’t treat others like they are less than she is because they have different talents or are at a lower level of the organization.

Angela is a good example of Warren G. Bennis’ quote “Leaders are people who do the right thing, managers are people who do things right.” The two roles overlap in Angela. She has always had the vision and passion to accomplish her goals. She has also worked hard to make that vision come true by learning how to make her team more efficient, using delegation and developing her direct reports.

I have seen her direct reports enjoy growth and success over the years during the time she led the team. Some of those individuals expressed a strong commitment and faith in her and found her to be an inspiring leader as well as a good manager.”

– Sharon Leeman, Sr. Learning & Development Consultant at Xerox

“I had the privilege of working for Angela at Amerigroup as part of the Ehealth Web team. Angela is one of those rare individuals who have a vision for how things should be along with an understanding of how to get there and the ability to effectively lead a team down that path. She knew when to take charge and when to trust her team to take charge. Angela was a successful motivator, leader and mentor. I would readily work for Angela again and highly recommend her to companies who need a leader to blaze a new trail.”

– Rick Goodman, Technical Manager, Corporate Digital Services, Enterprise Architecture at Sentara Healthcare
“Angela’s ability to think strategically brings tremendous value to projects she works on. She has a very strong sense of accountability and ownership for her initiatives. Her business sense combined with her personality make Angela a true pleasure to work with.”
– Shana Carrico, Principal at Carrico & Garton Group, LLC || Senior Healthcare Executive || Managed Care Consultant