Kristin F. Perri | Principal

Chief Operating & Marketing Officer

Kristin is a co-owner and Principal for Perri Solutions LLC.  She is an exceptional marketing and business management strategist currently serving as our Chief Operating and Marketing Officer. Having worked across industries, from auto/home insurance to healthcare, she is a brand management, fundraising and marketing expert.

She has worked for both small businesses and Fortune 500 organizations. Her creativity, ability to juggle multiple deadlines and complex client needs together with her design expertise, and brand/campaign management have supported clients across industry, culture, and geography.

Kristin’s passion for serving others is one of her greatest strengths. Her management style has also demonstrated high client and team member satisfaction (Net Promoter Score). Her knack for comprehensive research has produced detailed market analyses used for internal program improvements and external campaigns.

In her free time, Kristin also volunteers with the American Cancer Society and various Non-Profit Organizations. She is a native of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Consultant or Resource Options

Marketing > Information Technology > Advocacy > Policy > Supplemental Support

Through our extensive national network of experts, Perri Solutions is able to quickly establish whatever subject matter or technical resources are needed for your business or project.

Our process is simple.

Once you contact us at, Kristin will initiate a simple needs assessment by talking with you about your goals, work scope and timelines for delivery. Next she will quickly put together a recommendation for you to review and discuss in more detail. Once agreed upon, she will assemble the team and initiate work! It’s that easy!

At Perri Solutions, we love putting teams of experts together to serve our clients needs.  While we partner with independent consultants, major consulting houses, or firms like our friends at Garton Group, (Garton Consulting Group) each of our teams are created to solve your need. Our leader, Kristin Perri will work with you to determine whatever your needs may be and will put a plan of action together including resources as needed.