Education Services

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

Effectiveness, Evaluations, Improvement Plans

PERRI SOLUTIONS LLC also offers Superintendents, local or state Boards of Education, Teachers, Administrators and administrative personnel, and even Parents comprehensive curriculum, teaching method effectiveness, and school-specific profile evaluations designed to highlight strengths and provide cost-effective recommendations for improvements. Our Reports include detailed analyses with executive summaries of an individual schools’ or district’s effectiveness for preparing students for higher education and/or the workforce as well as meeting national education standards. These reports may also be used to obtain national or state awards, capture potential public-private partnership supports, and national endowments.

Special Education Consultation & Evaluations

PERRI SOLUTIONS LLC offers a broad continuum of special education related consultation services and comprehensive evaluation analyses to local school districts to address students’ educational and therapeutic needs.

Angela PerriOur goal is to ensure students receive a level of special education services that is clinically appropriate to their needs and that maximizes their educational benefit. Many programs have been designed to support students in the following settings: Emotional Disability Private Placement (EDP),Private Day Program, Self-Contained, and Alternative Education. We work with public school systems to recommend and if needed, subsequently develop programming and placement options to accelerate students’ educational outcomes, address local specialized programming needs, and maximize the use of district resources for effectively meeting the needs of all students not just troubled, at-risk youth and/or kiddos with special needs.

Our philosophy is grounded in the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS), Fred Jones’ Tools for Teaching, Love & Logic, and Professional Crisis Management (PCM). The application of this integrated methodology has been shown to increase instructional learning time by effectively reducing classroom disruptions and punitive power struggles. We know students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs thrive in environments with clear expectations, systems, and procedures.

We focus on supporting the whole student through a combination of academic, behavioral, social, and therapeutic supports. By developing programs locally, as an in-district extension of the special education continuum, we are able to achieve more effective transitions, for a greater number of students, and at a faster rate than traditional models of day programming.

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