Vulnerable Populations Have Special Healthcare Needs

Angela Perri

Angela Perri, Special Olympics Coach with Team

Angela Perri, business design and IT professional, emphasizes the need for specialized healthcare solutions for vulnerable populations.

Many persons with disabilities, children, and persons suffering from mental illness or addictions don’t have access to quality health care. As someone that helps states and local governments design and implement efficient health care solutions, Angela Perri understands struggling peoples’ need for easier access to simple information explaining programs like Medicare, Medicaid and other valuable services. Certain populations, such as foster children, people with severe mental illness and the elderly, have special health care needs that are rarely addressed by today’s service delivery systems. “A blanket approach to healthcare isn’t an effective solution for people with special needs,” says Angela Perri. “Our overall system of care must be transformed. We can no longer band-aid old technologies and resources, nor segment care for individuals, but rather redesign service delivery based on the fundamental principles of whole health for a person rather than a program.”

Angela Perri

Angela Perri disaster response team lead

According to Angela Perri, Medicaid and most health care organizations are decades behind in terms of technology and approach. Other industries have been able to take advantage of modern day analytics and information exchange capabilities in ways the health care industry hasn’t. This fact, says Angela Perri, has led to multiple inefficiencies and exorbitant costs that are often passed down to the provider and often to the member in commercial insurance. Data gathering and simplicity haven’t been priorities of the healthcare industry until very recently, which has forced many organizations to participate in a costly, time-consuming game of catch up. Nonetheless, the catch-up is still based on outdated enrollment and eligibility systems so the result is garbage in/garbage out bottleneck processes that really serve no one well.


Angela Perri is a dedicated healthcare design professional that works daily to develop comprehensive, money and time saving solutions to county, state, and local governments. She has seen firsthand how so-called blanket healthcare approaches have effectively shut out or disenfranchised many people that have special needs. Her goal is to serve as an effective system transformation and design consultant to guide organizations or government entitiesso that programs are both easier to access and effective in meeting the needs of vulnerable populations. Angela Perri is committed to healthcare improvement.

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