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Angela Perri - Senior Healthcare Executive

Angela Perri Cares About Improved Health Care

As healthcare expert serving in the public sector for nearly two decades, Angela Perri is committed to finding and developing better ways to improving system efficiency for our nation’s provider community as well as the government entities overseeing them. The professional business and program design services she provides continue to help improve healthcare programs for

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Take A Stand Against Bullying

Is there a video, song, or poem that, despite having experienced it one hundred times, still has the power to bring a tear to your eye or send shivers down your spine? This week, while playing through my liked videos on YouTube I rediscovered a video that, “To This Day,” has moved me more than

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Vulnerable Populations Have Special Healthcare Needs

Angela Perri, business design and IT professional, emphasizes the need for specialized healthcare solutions for vulnerable populations. Many persons with disabilities, children, and persons suffering from mental illness or addictions don’t have access to quality health care. As someone that helps states and local governments design and implement efficient health care solutions, Angela Perri understands

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