What Perri Solutions Is

Perri Solutions, LLC is a small, hard-working professional services firm serving clients nationally. With nearly 20 years of marketing and design experience, program development, policy development, government relations, process improvement, as well as focus on advocacy services (i.e., education services for schools).

Our Mission

To help individuals and businesses thrive.

Our Leader

Kristin F Perri

Kristin volunteering

Kristin Perri, is a dedicated and passionate marketing and small business professional with more than a decade of experience. She is a valued colleague by her peers and an indispensable asset to her local community. Her career began as a marketing writer and strategist, focusing on creating value for struggling small businesses.

Perri Solutions LLC is responsible for numerous cost-saving initiatives and process efficiencies which have saved clients and larger organizations significant amounts of both time and money. Kristin Perri has proven ability to optimize the use of new technologies to effectively re-brand a company’s image.

Kristin Perri develops efficient solutions for statewide and local communities, giving government officials and other relevant stakeholders the tools and programs necessary to impact policy changes that support business services. She is also an Education Advocate working to create solutions for Schools, Teachers, Parents, Children with special needs, at-risk youth as well as for Superintendents and Administrators through Perri Solutions or in partnership with other local non-profit organizations.

Day or night, Kristin will work hard for you and your business!