Angela Perri Cares About Improved Health Care


As healthcare expert serving in the public sector for nearly two decades, Angela Perri is committed to finding and developing better ways to improving system efficiency for our nation’s provider community as well as the government entities overseeing them. The professional business and program design services she provides continue to help improve healthcare programs for organizations and government entities nationwide.

Angela Perri is passionate about health care reform, believing that better public solutions are needed to help individuals coming from different or difficult circumstances. She prides herself on her ability to help state, county and local governments find ways to eliminate inefficiencies and develop better ways to serve vulnerable populations. There are many in this country that are unable to access quality healthcare, and Angela Perri believes that blanket, one-size-fits-all approaches by organizations and government entities have been a primary factor. The opposite phenomenon is also used where in an effort to reduce costs, programs have been fragmented to the point of disarray making them virtually useless.

Government programs like Medicaid and Medicare rely on decades old methods and technology that few have begun to address. This is compounded by the fact that many healthcare organizations, hospitals, and other facilities rely on antiquated payment models based on business principles of volume (payment by time increment or code) rather than health outcome or whole person focus. The days of a family doctor working with you on all your needs were a thing of the past; but the nostalgia is gaining support today as many recognize the need to stop fragmenting or segmenting care. Systemic inability to take advantage of modern day technology, says Angela Perri, has helped to create severe healthcare discrepancies for many disadvantaged or special needs populations. Solutions, she says, can be designed to solve these gaps. Unfortunately many organizations lobby for the status quo because change – even necessary or beneficial change – is seen as too costly. What many do not realize is that a systemic transformation can occur with minimal investment compared to the dollars lost in inefficiency and poor quality.

Angela Perri is a healthcare expert. As an industry professional with two decades of experience in the field, Angela Perri has an insightful understanding of the problems facing many states as well as healthcare organizations. She understands how to develop comprehensive solutions to these problems and to create meaningful programs that work for at-risk populations. Government change is often slow, yet professionals like Angela Perri are capable of providing workable and efficient solutions to modern day healthcare woes.

Children in foster care, the elderly, people with severe mental illnesses and other vulnerable populations deserve the opportunity to get the care they need. Our state and local governments deserve to be presented with affordable, efficient solutions that can transform the status quo not for the sake of change but to improve care, combat poverty, and increase individual accountability by all stakeholders.

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